Artitec 387.300 – 1/87 HO Scale Chains and Wedges for Military Transport


Please note:

The models/flatbed are not included,

they are for illustration purposes only.

Product Description

Carefully drill holes, about 1 mm deep, in the 4 spots on the vehicle where chains are to be attached. Glue the hooks into the four holes using superglue.

Remove the bogies and the coupler beam from the flatcar. The four holes that are already present on the flatcar’s front and rear should be enlarged to 0,6 – 0,7 mm using the same drill as before to accommodate the chains.

Glue the vehicle onto the flatcar and fix the chocks under the tracks, both by using wood glue.

Attach the chains to the previously mounted 6 hooks and guide them through the holes in the flatcar. Tighten the chains by carefully twisting them using the tweezers or some small pliers. Reattach the coupler beams and the bogies to the flatcar.

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