Dragon Armour 60670 – 1/72 Churchill Mk.III Fitted for Wading 14th Canadian Arm Reg France Dieppe 1942


The Churchill infantry tank is a most distinctive design with its extremely long chassis and wraparound tracks.

Named after the British minister of defense of the time, the Churchill tank was very well armoured.

It was produced in a series of versions that offered heavier armour and more powerful armament as the war progressed.

The Mk.III, weighing in at 39,626kg, arrived on the scene in March 1942.

It featured a 6-pounder gun in the all-welded turret, and the hull-mounted howitzer fitted in previous variants was deleted.

For amphibious operations, Churchill tanks could be fitted with special deep-wading devices.

The Churchill Mk.III was famously involved in the failed landing at Dieppe in northern France on 19 August 1942.

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