Dragon Armour 1/72 LVT -(A)1 – 708th Amphibious Tank Battalion – Ryukyus 1945 – 60424



The first Landing Vehicles Tracked (LVT) were produced by the Food Machinery Corporation (FMC) for the US military.

By the end of WWII a total of 18,621 LVTs had been manufactured. The LVT-(A)1 was employed as a fire support vehicle.

It featured an M3 Stuart turret containing a 37mm M6 gun. It also bristled with five .30-cal machine guns. A total of 510 LVT(A)-1 vehicles were eventually produced.

It could achieve speeds of 12km/h in water, and the vehicle weighed 13,180kg.

This important amtrac was used in such battles as Saipan, Guam, Tinian and Peleliu during the bloody Pacific campaign.


Dragon has already successfully recreated the LVT(A)-1 in 1/72 scale as a plastic kit.

This highly accurate kit forms the basis for Dragon Armor’s new fully built-up version of this vehicle.

The miniature model boasts a complicated suspension system, as well as a well-detailed deck upon which even the weld seams are visible.

The turret is also well constructed, and it boasts a hollowed-out gun muzzle.

Painted in realistic colors and with a suitable amount of weathering, this LVT(A)-1 comes in the markings of the 708th Amphibious Tank Battalion.

It represents an actual vehicle that participated in the capture of the Ryukyu Islands in 1945.

This is a fine replica of an interesting American amphibious fire support vehicle, and it constitutes a welcome addition to the Dragon Armor collection.



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