Panzerstahl Exclusive 89004 – 1/72 7.5cm Stuk Auf Panzer I – Endkampf Berlin April 1945 Limited Edition (S/R))


Please note:

One of the tracks has some damage – See Pictures

About the model:* EXCLUSIVE series from Panzerstahl

* true to scale model made from resin for highest detail
* fully assembled
* accurate painted and marked
* collectors card included
* packaged in metal box

The 7.5cm StuK seems to be a unique specimen. Only one photo is known showing this odd conversion in the final days of fighting in Berlin 1945.

The base is a Panzer I Ausf.B chassis without turret. The Panzer I Ausf.B was built from 1935 on and had one more roadwheel than the previous Panzer I Ausf.A.

It has 100hp engine and weighted 6t including the turret with two MG13.

The 7.5cm StuK was the main armament of the StuG III Ausf.F/8 and G. It could penetrate over 100mm armour plate at 100m using the PzGrPtr.39.

This gun was possibly removed from a knocked out StuG and put on the obsolete and turretless chassis of a Panzer I.

A new gun shield was added to give the crew a minimum protection and also a new gun travel lock for the big gun was added.

It is unclear who did the conversion and used it. The gun surely overloaded the little chassis.

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