Dragon 1/144 Mini Armor Series Modern AFV Kit Collection (10 x Assorted AFV/Tank Kits) M1A1/M1A2 Abrams – M2A2/M3A2 Bradley – Challenger 2 – Leopard 2A4/2A6 – M270 MLRS – Warrior- 14052


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Dragon has a number of 1/144 scale armored vehicles in its Mini Armor range, and we previously released an assortment of German tanks in this scale.


Now it’s time for modern AFVs to feel the love, and Dragon has collected a fine assortment of well-known American and European armored vehicles.


These AFV kits may be quite small but they are certainly big on detail!


There are ten kits in total in this collection, all of them representing famous IFVs and tanks of the modern day, and all of which are still in current military service.


The beauty of this scale is that vehicles are rapidly assembled and vignettes, even extensive ones, can be quickly created by adding buildings and/or trees.


Because their size is so similar to the popular N scale used by railway modelers, there are plenty of accessories and buildings readily available to create such vignettes.


Not only are these popular AFV subjects available in a handy and convenient assortment, but the kit prices are extremely reasonable too.


See list below for the 10 kits included…


1/144 M1A1 w/MINE PLOUGH (14141)


1/144 M1A2 (14142)


1/144 M2A1/A2 BRADLEY (14143)


1/144 M3A1/A2 BRADLEY (14144)


1/144 MLRS  (14145)


1/144 CHALLENGER 2 (14146)


1/144 CHALLENGER 2 w/Up Grade Armor (14147)


1/144 WARRIOR (14148)


1/144 LEOPARD 2A6 (14149)


1/144 LEOPARD 2A4 (14150)