Voucher Purchases


Captain Shrapnel issues Promotional Vouchers to selected customers which can be redeemed against purchases at checkout.

Website Purchases

Vouchers must be used on any purchases made via our website, including Sale and Offer items, to the values specified on the voucher.  They are not valid on other platforms including Ebay.

Usage Information
The following rules are to be met:

  • Voucher Codes are valid for one use only – unless specified on the voucher;
  • Pre-Order items and Shipping costs are not included;
  • Free UK delivery is included;
  • Shipping costs are at our standard rates;
  • Account Registration is required – this is so that we can monitor usage and apply any restrictions;
  • Minimum and maximum purchase values are as specified on the voucher;
  • Vouchers which are for specific products and/or promotions are not valid for other purchases:
  • Vouchers cannot be used after the specified end date.